FAQs: General

How do I begin to receive services from In-Home Lab Connection/Homecare?
The two most common ways to begin receiving services with IHLC/Homecare are as follows:

1) The provider, facility or care manager calls IHLC/Homecare at 952-842-9000 to inform us that they wish for services to be started. We then receive a facesheet/demographic as well as an order from your physician sheet via fax. Once the information is put into our secure database the phlebotomist will call the patient or designated contact the evening before the draw or specimen collection is ordered for and will introduce themselves as well as scheduling a specific time that works well for the patients schedule.

2) If a patient or family member calls us directly to request services we will take down the name, date of birth, phone number and physicians information over the phone. Once IHLC has approval, we will call the patient or family member back to alert them that we have approval and then will follow the process in #1 above.

Please feel free to call us at 952-842-9000 with any questions. Office hours are Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm. To reach the after hours line the phone number is still the same as the office number (952-842-9000). On call hours are 5pm until 10pm. Messages left after 10pm will be returned the following business day at 8am.



FAQs: Home Health

How do I start Homecare services?
1. Determine if IHLC services are covered by the patient’s insurance provider
i. (Medicare/BCBS/UCARE/Medicaid/MA; Long term care; Workers comp)
ii. If not, is private pay possible ?
2. IHLC will gather general intake information
3. IHLC will contact primary care clinic who will send full info (demographic)
• Qualified for homecare?
– A skilled need (reason for homecare, something patient cannot provide for themselves)
– Med set up, HHA, OT/PT, Skilled nursing (Med set up is under skilled)
– 24 hr RN on call if needed per Medicare guidelines for emergency

When approved :
1. IHLC will contact the patient to set up time for RN assessment
2. RN assessment occurs, generally within 5 days, and determines what services are needed.
3. If more services needed, IHLC requests MD orders
4. Potentially PT and OT may be added as needed services. If ordered PT and OT will assess the patient.
5. IHLC works with insurance to determine coverage for services needed
6. IHLC team is formed and nurse/PT/OT/HHA will call to begin appoinments.

Who is first or best contact with questions or concerns.
• Emergencies call 911
• Call office with general questions 952-842-9000.

Does homecare include or can it include phlebotomy or footcare?
• Footcare: Every nurse/lpn is capable of providing our quality footcare services. A specially trainedRN will do the initial assessment. If needed footcare will be covered as a skilled nursing visit because it is included in the overall assessment.
• Phlebotomy/Specimen collection: As a homecare client phlebotomy/specimen collection will be included. If the patient is a “difficult draw”, IHLC will send a highly skilled phlebotomist to do the collection



FAQs: Phlebotomy/Specimen Collection

Does insurance cover phlebotomy/specimen collection services? If not, how much will I have to pay?
• The insurances that cover phlebotomy and specimen collection services are: UCARE, Health Partners and Medica (Except for group numbers that begin with ‘7’).
• The cost for private pay is 75$ per visit. This will be billed monthly to the designated person. We accept checks and credit cards.
• Please feel free to call us at 952-842-9000 with any questions. Office hours are Monday-Friday 8AM to 5PM. We also have an After Hours line which can be reached by calling the office number (952-842-9000) 5PM to 10PM. Messages left after 10PM will be returned the following business day at 8AM.



FAQs: Footcare

Does insurance cover the Skilled Nursing FootCare? If not, how much will I have to pay?
Unfortunately there are no insurances that cover our high quality, Skilled Nursing FootCare.
We consider the $65 cost for often an hour of skilled nursing footcare to be at community service rates.